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About Digital Transformation in Sales 🇬🇧

“Yes, we’re doing it!” that’s what you hear most of the times when speaking with Sales leadership at Business to Business companies.

Let’s dig a little deeper. Typically companies have embarked on Sales Operations transformation (lead-to-CRM, Quote-to-signature, non-paper digital signature, e-mail to CRM,  and other INTERNAL processes), which can bring efficiency and measurability to the process.

With efficiency in processes you achieve quality, predictability, effectivity and measurability.

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Now … haven’t we forgotten something? How about the fuel that keeps internal processes burning?

How about new client generation? How about client interfacing? How engaging with our buyers where they are?

Digital Transformation in Sales is ALSO about sales and customer-facing sales processes, not only sales Operations processes. Digital transformation in Sales is ALSO about where our clients are (mobile, social) and where we need to be (mobile, social).

Today’s business to business sales are less and less about selling and more and more about engaging with the customer and joining them in their buyer’s journey. Understanding where they are today, what information or action they need, how we can help them move forward in their decision making and becoming that trusted partner that will help them buy the best option out there for their needs (it may not be our product today).

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