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2016 Sales 2.0 Conference Key Takeaways 🇬🇧

It’s been a great experience to be invited to the Sales 2.0 Conference with over 200 sales professionals in San Francisco to share the latest and greatest of Selling.

0. Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power opened the Conference with a powerful vision: The Transformation to Sales 3.0

  • Sales 1.0 was about Rodolex, index cards, sales program on a PC. Buyers and sellers met face to face.
  • Sales 2.0 was introduced with the Web and Social. Buyers and sellers initiate contact online.
  • Sales 3.0 will be about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. Buyers and Sellers will meet virtually

I. Dennis Michalis, Group Vice President, Customer Experience, Oracle, shared his experience in taking a new role as VP of Sales at a large organization. To increase productivity he promoted:

  • Define a Social Policy (what is useful, what is a time sucker)
  • Embrace mobility
  • Simplify Internal Processes

He proposed a very interesting sales management process:

  • Week 1 Prepare for the sale
  • Week 2 Deploy the sales strategy
  • Week 3-5 Go to market. Sell!
  • Again! Learn, evolve. Re-iterate

II. Brian Frank, Vice President, Global Sales Operations, LinkedIn helps make the sales organization run. He shared how they transformed the function of sales. How Linkedin uses data to sell more? Read all about it here “How Linkedin uses Linkedin to sell”

III. Jim Frazee, Vice President, Sales, DxContinuum, discussed how Marketing and Sales working together improves results. Here is some guidance:

  • Defining a common vocabulary
  • Rethinking Process: from Prospect to MQL. From MQL to SQL. Classify SQL in A (lower hanging fruit), B, C
  • Just doing this small redesign increased the closings for the month 4x for one of his clients

IV. J Steven Osborne, CEO, Top Gun Sales Performance stated “Stop Training Your Salespeople! It doesn’t work”.
After a life in Training, J. Steven has learnt and consults on better ways to train sales people. He suggests: “Stop focusing on the event of Training. It is just a delivery vehicle. Don’t train you reps – Certify them. Certify that they are able to execute. Then Coach them to make them proficient. Create a schedule of smaller more frequent events.”
Use workshops to learn skills, not to transfer learning. Knowledge can be transferred BEFORE the workshops.

V. Judy Buchholz, General Manager, Digital Sales, IBM shared how to build a Digital Sales Culture. Over a year ago IBM decided to change roles and titles to adapt the sales culture to a Social and Digital approach. They have developed a two year certification training. At the end you sit for a test with an external organization. You cannot move ranks unless you demonstrate digital skills.
Roll out the program with example. The hiring process also looks for digital natives skills. Program for current and hiring for future. They also applied reverse mentoring
To kick off the program she suggested starting with a very segmented target, show results and expand.

VI. Michael Schultz, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, ClearSlide, talked about Crushing the competition with tools. ClearSlide provides a software to take your sales calls to a new level.
He provided 3 Tips to transform the way you sell:

  • Use Engagement Data over Activity data. Validate buyer interest, Qualify Opportunities with buyer engagement data.
  • Single Source of Truth. Embrace Mobility. Make content available 24/7 on the go to the reps. Use content libraries that show what has worked in the past.
  • Crete Libraries of what has worked to help reps get to speed faster. 71% of companies take 6 months or more to ramp new sales reps. Create a Perfect Pitch Library to Onboard process. Real Time activity Feeds helps learn from each other. Follow the Deals and Details that matter. Leverage meeting recaps for coaching.

VII. Laurie Sewell, President & CEO, Servicon Systems shared with the audience her key findings to Maximize Sales Performance:

  • People: The right leadership, organization and talent
  • Culture: Creating and nurturing a High performance Culture
  • Alignment: Effort to align People, culture and Strategy

VIII. John Turner, Senior Vice President, Sales, TriNet proposed the guiding principles for the Quest on How to Create a “Victory Plan”.

  • Prospects and customers drive everything
  • You live and die with your people
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Understand the importance of Mindset – “The psychology of sales”
  • Results matter

IX. Amanda Kahlow, CEO & Founder, 6sense on How Culture, Leadership and Passion Fuel High-Performing Sales Teams
6sense offers Predictive Intelligence. It analyses Marketing and Sales data of buyers leaving the trace of what they need so the can predict clients for companies.
She fundamentally believes that if you give space and trust to salespeople they will leave up to those expectations. Let them room to be themselves and encourage them to be the best versions of themselves. Just Make sure that you set the boundaries beforehand.

X. Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing Inc. on how to approach Sales and Marketing working together. Marketing should have a direct line to revenue growth, on Opportunities created, not just leads offered to sales.
He suggested four steps to a better alignment plan

  • Do the math (develop a common language, goal)
  • Create a clear customer profile
  • Map the sales and buying process
  • Plan to fire lots of bullets

A couple of additional tips: “Sell the hole, not the drill”. Marketing, PR people need to stop talking about product. Marketing owns 53% of the sales process, by loosing that status quo. Come up with the right questions so your client can reframe his problem.
Productivity opportunities:
1. Improve your CRM
2. Creating content. Sales should not be doing it.
3. Finding Content. Sales spends too much time finding content!

XI. Anneke Seley, Founder & CEO, Reality Works Group and Britton Manasco, Founder & CEO, Visible Impact, they talked about the Next Era Selling: Five Strategies to Make Your Business Unstoppable
The Virtual Selling Imperative that they are envisioning sits on 5 pillars:

  • Front Office Fusion. A C-level decision fusing the Account Management Process: from Awareness (Marketing) to Engagement and Commitment (Sales) to Implementation and Performance (Customer Success) and Advocacy (Marketing)
  • The Inside Upside: Rethink walls, boundaries … moving Inside Sales to Digital Sales, even with local presence. The ceiling for the Inside is rising,
  • The Outside Upside: Field sales teams bring costs up. The floor for the Outside is rising too. Use Smart Targeting (machine learning, predictive analytics) to lock on high probability accounts.
  • The Inside-Outside Alliance. It makes sense to segment the Sales functions. Explore Shared Territories, Shared Accounts. Inside and Outside working together.
  • Networked Specialization. Build a team of subject experts. Get them known and recognized. Leverage them to engage Senior decision makers with Insight Selling

XII. Anthony Iannarino, International speaker, Author, and Sales Leader How to Create and Sustain Relationships of Value

Presented the 4 Level Value Relationship framework

  • L1 – Product: offer good product, become a vendor
  • L2 – Experience: offer Support and Service, become a supplier
  • L3 – Business Outcomes: provide ROI, become a preferred supplier
  • L4 – Strategic Partner: Enter a Relationship – Trusted advisor, strategic, proactive . Value creation based, Caring Based, Proactive, Accountable. Insights Driven, Future Oriented, Strategic.

A couple of closing tips: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” – Mike Tyson (American Philosopher)
And … owing the Mindshare = owing the Wallet share
Thanks for reading!