BKT Tires: Enabling the Distribution Channel

BKT Tires: Enabling the Distribution Channel

Balkrishna Industries Limited  (BKT Tires) is a publicly traded tyre manufacturing company based in Mumbai, India. It manufactures off-highway tires used in specialist segments like mining, earthmoving, agriculture and gardening. Its revenues are around US$500 Million.


In mid 2020, Ms. Jennifer Rauch, Global Digital Marketing Manager, approached Execus with the challenge to help enable the global distributor channel with the latest in digital transformation in sales: Social Selling. “The idea was to provide the distributors with tools and skills to be more effective in connecting and engaging with the end user of our products” commented Ms. Rauch.


In this global challenging environment, altogether with BKT Tires, we designed a solution that included:

  • Recording of a live session, included in their global distributor internal TV Channel, presenting the program and motivating the global network to participate in their digital transformation journey.
  • Effective launch of the program, program management and communication to the network
  • Access for the 350 global distributors to the exclusive Execus e-learning platform for registration in the Social Selling courses
  • Ensure minimum learning objectives goal with tests and certification badges for achievers
  • Design a motivational prize to finish the courses: Exclusive VIP session with top performers
  • KPI definition and weekly tracking

Execus e-learning platform user interface

Execus’ e-learning platform user interface


As we have just recently launched the program it is still early to see results, we are extremely satisfied so far with the fluent relationship with BKT Tires and how we have come together from an initial idea to a well executed complex plan that involves so many actors. Results will be in in February 2021. We’ll keep you posted!


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