Servizi per progettare ed eseguire il tuo specifico programma di vendita sociale

Corporate training for Social Selling and consulting for Business Innovation

Execus offers corporate training programs modelled according to the specific needs of the companies in order to make them more competitive in B2B sales


The ESSPI Method

A corporate approach to Social Selling is the key to taking advantage of the opportunity to increase sales force productivity by 20-25% thanks to the social strategies – and technologies – described by McKinsey in late 2012.

At Execus, we have developed the ESSPI Method (Execus Social Selling Program Introduction).

The ESSPI was designed to help companies embrace Social Selling in their companies. Applying the ESSPI Method, we go back to basics and proceed as follows:

Identification of the company's current Social Selling operations

Identification of the Social Selling opportunities

Definition of the path to take advantage of the Social Selling opportunities

ESSPI | Execus

In support of the ESSPI Method, we us a top down approach and the strengthening of what the company’s possibilities are. We define and measure the KPIs and we evolve the management method, making Training Courses available.

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