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Digital and social selling solutions aimed at transforming processes, improving sales and accelerating the pipeline.

Execus has developed a set of solutions that support professionals and sales teams in increasing productivity through Social Selling techniques and instruments. Discover the most efficient modern strategies and tactics applied to each stage of the sales process.

On-line e on-site | Execus


Workshops in the classroom or in-house, held by top professional trainers from Execus, a LinkedIn Sales Solutions Approved Partner.

  • Preparing for Social Selling: “Being present”
  • Preparing for Social Selling: “Being heard & Listening”
  • Social Selling in action: Prospect research, analysis and qualification
  • Social Selling Training: connecting and setting the first appointment

Custom projects

We build training projects tailor designed for specific needs and objectives of the organisation, starting from the needs analysis and an audit of company competencies.

  • Top-down approach
  • Definition of KPIs and reporting
  • Change management and training
Training | Execus
Social Selling Course | Execus


1. Entry Level

This specific program is designed to move your Sales Force from a basic level to a medium advanced level. With a single series of training sessions, your sales professionals will be able to start taking advantage of the opportunity.

2. Advanced

Advanced training sessions are available for users who are already LinkedIn experts, delivered by expert and author of the book “Sell! With LinkedIn”, Mr. Jordi Gili.

3. Ad hoc

The ad hoc training sessions will be designed to meet your specific needs.

Training and consultancy on Linkedin solutions for sale

Sales Navigator and the LinkedIn business tools help sales professionals to create a relationship of trust with prospects and clients, as well as to be more successful in social selling, taking advantage of a network of more than 450 million professional profiles and more than 20 million corporate pages.

Linkedin Sales Solutions Approved Training Partner

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